Cosmic Karma Fire

Cosmic Karma Fire is a fire performing troupe based in upstate New York but travels “Wherever you need us”. The troupe is driven by passion for performing with the one element known to be uncontrolled by nature. Harnessing the power of fire, Cosmic Karma Fire has created the most amazing shows one could possibly witness in their lifetime. They thrive to impress, amaze, and astonish their audiences in extreme and unique ways.

We at Cosmic Karma Fire believe in safety first! If it wasn’t for our amazing great and friendly safety team being on top of their game at all times with our performers, audience, and fuel area, we would not be able to put on a performance what so ever for anyone.

We promote a safe performance at all of our show’s and hired gig’s to the audience. We like everyone to know the dangers of performing with fire and how to handle any and all accidents that could happen. We also hold safety meeting’s before each performance to make sure everyone know’s who is who and how we are going about performing our show for the night. We use fire regulation safety blankets at all times. If you ever have any questions about fire safety please feel free to ask us! Anyone beginning in the art of fire we ask that you please read everything there is to know about safety and performing with fire. It is a beautiful art that has the ability destroy what is beautiful like yourself or others.

Cosmic Karma Fire is known to use almost anything and everything they can to use as a tool for their art in all of their shows. This allows them to be as unique as possible and have a wide variety of different performances throughout their performance.
We we would tell you all the lovely tools we use but you’ll just have to see our show for yourself!