Max Creek In those rare instances that a band reaches its fourth decade, it’s usually a result of stardom. It’s easy enough to keep things together when each member has a jet and techs on retainer and the world tour rolls around every few years. But that’s not how Max Creek has done it. In 40+ years Max Creek has been small, big, regionally-huge, medium, and any other size one can think of; they’ve never graced the cover of Rolling Stone, but you’d be hard pressed to find a music fan in the Northeast that hadn’t heard of them. MORE Playing multiple sets throughout the weekend! Depth Quartet There arose a want, or perhaps a need… that fate would instill in four seasoned musicians. While each had had many respective ‘successes’ in their careers, the need remained for something more. The need was for a playground… a place where they could each be the gifted child like musician, just as the day they were born, while being free to play with any musical idea. This concentering force drew together Julee Avallone, Scott Murawski, Justin Kolack and Greg Vasso for what would end up being some of the most free and playful periods of their musical careers thus far. MORE West End Blend Since their conception, ten piece band West End Blend has been playing their version of pop, soul and hip-hop in venues all over. Fronted by vocalist Erica Bryan, the band pays homage to classic throwback sounds while adding their own distinct sound and flair. West End Blend boasts a four-piece horn section, two guitars, bass, keyboards and drums packing the group onto stages every night. From humble beginnings in an epic basement funk dance party, The Blend’s goal has always been to bring a party atmosphere to every show and venue ever since. MORE Roxy Roca Austin, TX-based ROXY ROCA is a powerhouse of southern soul, stirring up your spirit with a gritty and infectious sound influenced as much by soul and funk legends of the late 60s like James Brown, Joe Tex, and Al Green as by early rock ‘n’ roll pioneers like Chubby Checker and Little Richard and early 70s psychedelic funk rockers like War and Sly and the Family Stone. Formed in late 2010, the band quickly developed a reputation for getting a room on its feet and in motion with a sound that has been described as Dynamite Texas Soul — driving, horn-powered southern soul with a certain explosiveness and swagger that is distinctly Texas. More Mister F Formed in 2013 from members of Northeast regional acts Timbre Coup and Capital Zen, Mister F is an eclectic, high-energy 4-piece band that takes a no-holds-barred approach to blending genres while keeping your feet moving. Having performed with their previous bands at festivals such as Mountain Jam, moe.down, Summer Camp, Camp Bisco, and snoe.down, the members of Mister F are no strangers to the music community. Their first show, March 1st 2013, was very well-received, and they are already taking their show on the road to cities as far as Lawrence, KS and Augusta, GA. More Formula 5 Nestled between the Capital District and Adirondack State Park, Formula 5 brews up organic, funk filled grooves that have caused quite a stir across New York state and throughout much of the northeast. Rooted in the styling of their jam band idols, Formula 5 brings an honest, classic approach to the genre. With thought-provoking and soulful lyrics, soaring melodies and an emphasis on tight instrumentation and improvisation, this band brings a familiar freshness to the term “jam band”. MORE Hayley Jane and the Primates Hayley Jane and the Primates deliver a rich, genre-bending sound with a tantalizing live performance. Winners of the New England Music Awards’ Roots/Americana act of the year, The Primates have created a serious buzz in the music world. Their music draws inspiration from many styles including early rock and pop; old musical theater; folkadelic, bluegrass and country; along with blues, soul and reggae. More The Kind Buds The Northeast’s premiere acoustic jam duo, The Kind Buds, entertain their audiences with inspiring covers & incendiary originals, trading fiery-sweet licks on a roller coaster of tension & release. A truly acoustic act, Bud and Budd perform raucous, intuitive, wide-open jams with stunning guitar interplay. Tight vocal harmonies compliment and complete their sound. No effects of any kind are used in live performances.

Free Range Acoustic Jam Duo - Grass Fed
Balkun Brothers After recently exploding onto the music scene with their powerful brand of psychedelic rock n’ roll, Balkun Brothers are creating a name for themselves amongst the top rock and blues bands in the USA and worldwide. Founding members Steve Balkun (guitar/vocals) and Nick “The Hammer” Balkun (drums/vocals) are gaining followers across the world with their raw hard-rockin’ swagger, becoming known for their explosive high-energy live shows. More Mr. Breakdown “It takes me back to my James Brown days because this is a funky band. Coming from the James Brown 'school of funk' as I have, it wasreally nice to go back there again and see a bunch of younger guys picking up on the hipness of the old school funk. Taking it back to the old school and keeping it funky. And that’s Mr. Breakdown for sure.” - Bob Both More Broccoli Samurai Since forming in the Rustbelt of Cleveland, OH in 2010, Broccoli Samurai has been taking the club and festival scene by storm. The band’s synth-laden, drum and bass influenced, progressive electronica has been thrilling audiences throughout the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, and Northeast markets, winning them a massive and fiercely loyal fanbase. Eager fans pack dance floors and late-night festival sets with smiles across their faces, waiting to get lost in the band’s ambient soundscapes, anticipating every bass drop that will force them to move with reckless abandon. More Outer Stylie Outer Stylie is a heavy, psychedelic, explosion of sound located in Amherst, MA. Although steeped in hard rock influences they take the listener to grounds and heights not often achieved by other rock bands. Never to submit to the clichés of rock 'n' roll, they are also influenced by the sensibilities of jazz and classical music, the freak-out mentality of psychedelic jams, and the infinite possibilities of an experimental outlook. They balance on the axis between simplicity and uncontrollable chaos; dance with the flowers of beauty and beasts of disgust. Hearing them live will truly take you to the Outer Stylie… More Mystery Fyre Mystery Fyre roars with a high-energy eclectric explosion of rock n’ roll, the kind that leaves the soul on fire and spirit soaring higher. Vintage relics born into the latter vinyl era have evolved into a sensational experience infused with a sound calling on early blues-rock legends of the 60’s British Invasion, yet unquestionably original to the bone. The family stone is key to the group’s uplifting medley of heart-moving vocals, passionate guitar licks, fat bass grooves and riff-rocking beats that conjure the unique brotherly trio’s all-or-nothing expression of life through music. More Fat Bradley Fat Bradley delivers a fresh take on funk with engaging compositions and pulsing groove. It is our duty to move that booty.

"Fat Bradley wants you to dance, and the Northampton funk ensemble lays down a brass-laden groove to help you accomplish this. Songs such as "Get Down Brown" and "Megabrase" are long, steamy numbers, the kind that encourage bodies to move."
More - Worcester Telegram & Gazette
The Medicinal Purpose Rock is alive, but it's not well... and in desperate need of some healing. The Medicinal Purpose brings together three of New Jersey's favorite sons on a mission to cure the masses with their raw style of Rhythm & Blues music. Out front, a voice and lyrics emerge, both shaped by years of hardship and heartbreak. Brother Sal's soul flows through both like a morphine drip, but it does even more so in his guitar playing. Picking up where Mick Taylor and Sun Ra left off, he and his Telecaster have been known to bend everyone into a state of electroshock euphoria. More Chromatropic The way Chromatropic cooks up its funky musical stew has more in common with Pat Metheny and Herbie Hancock than your typical jam band”

– Michael Witthaus Hippo Music Press New England
The Other Brothers The Other Brothers represent the progression of good ole fashioned American soul. Their carefully crafted original music pays respect to 60's and 70's soul, funk, and R&B, all while incorporating the boldness of modern improvisation. The Other Brothers have nodded to their influences in their dynamic sets with interpretations of tunes by Stevie Wonder, Billy Preston, John Legend, JJ Cale, Gary Clark Jr., Talking Heads, and Taj Mahal, among others. More Teddy Midnight Brooklyn based Teddy Midnight demonstrates a creative combination of progressive rock, drum and bass, jazz and downtempo. This unique blend earned the term Electro-Dance-Funk, a self- described genre based on the style of Teddy Midnight. The band’s live show instinctively gets the party moving and won’t let up any time soon. With members Wiley Griffin, Sean McAuley, Adam Magnan, and Sean Silva, Teddy Midnight is the group you don’t want to miss. More Cousin Earth Cousin Earth (Formerly Known as Ukulelien) is a Brooklyn-based Progressive Ukulele Rock band. With both an original repertoire and a vast array of covers, Cousin Earth brings both a sense of playfulness and technical ability to the music they play. From shredding ukulele solos and 4–part vocal breakdowns to interweaving themed medleys, the band is sure to catch the attention of any music lover. Presenting a multitude of styles including Rock, Fusion, Ragtime, Funk, Bluegrass, Hip Hop, and even Electronica, no musical style is off-limits for this up-and-coming live-act. More Space Bacon Our space bacon is 100% percent USPA certified. Hand selected and seasoned from only the finest cuts of free roaming, space fed space pigs. Fully cooked and ready to serve by date of package, this timeless product has brought enjoyment and family bonding to dining room tables across the galaxy for millennia. More Honeycomb v6 MASTER OF CEREMONIES Currently based out of Massachusetts, the vocal cord conductor known as Honeycomb has quickly risen to the top of the food chain of northeast beatboxers, placing 13th in the 2015 American Beatbox Championships. With a unique approach as an equally versed music producer, and a frequent collaborator in both the live and studio settings, Honeycomb has built a sound fan base for himself through original productions and ear popping performances. More Uncle Ebenezer Uncle Ebenezer are four musicians and Phish fans who are dedicated to spreading the joy and excitement of the live Phish experience. Combining accuracy and musicianship with whimsical performance, Uncle Ebenezer seeks to light up clubs and venues the way Phish did when they played intimate settings. The rich history of Phish’s career and the part it played in Uncle Ebenezer’s lives inspires them to recreate the sound, look, and feel of those amazing performances. More Eggy Eggy is the group that brings balance to your musical breakfast. These four gents will get you down and dirty, and clean as a whistle. The band displays its wide influential range through their songs and improvisations. Eggy is known for its technical progressive abilities as well as their reflective lyrical pieces. Live performances feature the band expressing their musicianship through improvisation in funk, rock n’ roll, and jazz fusion styles. More Digital $torm Digital $torm was created in 2010 by a group of friends based out of the Northeast.Who became friends by going to music festivals and often found themselves searching the festival scene for that low end BASS. At first they didn’t think anything of it, but then started investing in some gear. They could still not find that late night party they were looking for, and found themselves constantly searching for that BASS. More William Thompson Once upon a time we started out as a joke band called What the Funk. After a few shows people started to really dig what we were doing, so we moved away from the joke and began a trek through absolute seriousity… As the band progressed, we changed the name to WTfunk, I guess it sounded a bit more professional. One night our good friend Mike Henderson announced us as the William Thompson Funk Experiment. We liked it, and the rest is history. More Black Mountain Symphony Black Mountain Symphony showcases an eclectic range of influences, blended together to create their own special sound. From baroque classical violin and haunting folk-tinged ballads to funk-rock drums and hard-hitting dance numbers, the five piece band sprinkles their live sets with hints of everything from classical music to bits of Motown, blues and jazz. More Goose Goose is a Funk-Folk band originating in Wilton, CT now based in Boston, MA. Rick Mitarotonda is the guitarist-singer-songwriter whose folky, hummable melodies are supported by pianists/keyboard players Pat Carr and Chris (The Doc) Enright, and a deep-pocket rhythm section of Trevor Weekz on Bass and Ben Atkind on drums. Of the five accomplished musicians, Atkind, Enright, and Car are all graduates of the Berklee College of Music; Mitarotonda will graduate from the school in Spring 2016. Goose are a band whose music is both memorable and danceable; a organic and easy-to-love mix of funk and folk, with touches of reggae, jazz, blues, and rock. More Ginja Low Main Ginja Low Main, Progressive Funk Rock Band knocking on the doors of Fusion.

John Phillips – Guitar • Joey Sicard – Bass Kade Parkin – Drums • Rob Fontana – Rhodes
Danny Mayer & Mary Corso
Artists at Large
Danny "Soul Train" Mayer is a founding member of On The Spot Trio, is currently a full time member of Beau Sasser's Escape Plan & guitarist for Alan Evans' Playonbrother (2012-2015).

Mary Corso, lead vocalist for Beau Sasser's Escape Plan & founding member of her own band Broca's Area, is excited to be apart of this year's Rock & Roll Resort as artist at large. Mary and Danny have recently worked together in a new project called Danny Mayer Trio featuring members of Turkuaz & Nth Power .
Cosmic Karma Fire Cosmic Karma Fire is a fire performing troupe based in upstate New York but travels “Wherever you need us”. The troupe is driven by passion for performing with the one element known to be uncontrolled by nature. Harnessing the power of fire, Cosmic Karma Fire has created the most amazing shows one could possibly witness in their lifetime. They thrive to impress, amaze, and astonish their audiences in extreme and unique ways. More