RnRR has always been a blast for me because I love the way bands hang out with each other there. The resort aspect of it loosens everyone up; there’s no where to go, so we all hang, listen to each other, sit in with each other, talk music, etc.

I love the venue too. It’s like the Shining but not scary. The production is like a big festival, but your hotel room is a 3 minute walk away. Not a tent, but a room.
And you can recharge there and then head back out for more. …or convene there with a crew and then head back out for more if that’s the deal.
Bill C. / musician who keeps coming back for more
Rock n Roll Resort is just that, a resort, a retreat. We dance, we eat, we jam, we drum,we spa, we sing, we golf, we sauna, we hike, we laugh, we call room service…
who doesn’t want a beautiful resort weekend getaway like this?!
Gabrielle F.
I have not missed a single Rock n Roll resort event since its beginning. Who really wants to deal with rain, mud, sweltering heat, setting up tents when you can have a complete indoor music festival experience with a hotel room, a comfortable bed and a shower? The Rock n Roll resort has it all… all of my heady festival friends… the music… the love… and it’s held in a beautiful resort in the Catskills. They create a unique experience for all of us. The Rock n Roll resort played an important role in my recent marriage, as my husband took me on the “best first date ever” to the first Rock n Roll resort event.
Lisa K.
Rock n Roll Resort is a one of a kind experience that allows for the best of all possibilities in a weekend music festival. Weather you want to dance all night or have a soak in the hot tub, pamper yourself with a massage and just chill with friends, it’s all available in one fantastic space. It’s the perfect combination of great music in a terrific location!
Jennifer B.
Rock n Roll Resort is head and shoulder above other musical experiences. A unique blend of set and setting, with a soundtrack to match. A superior music lineup and 12-18 hours per day of live entertainment, there is something going on for everyone, virtually around the clock. The Wicked Cool Productions staff is top-notch, friendly, experienced, and determined to bring you your best festi fun ever!! If you go once, you’ll be back every time!
Kevin C.
I’ve been at every RRR resort since its inception and i wouldn’t miss it.  It’s a perfect way start the festie season. It’s also great for takin’ newbies for a taste of the music festival experience without the camping aspect. I like to think of the resort as a land cruise because everything is contained at the resort music, shopping, food, pool, spas…
Fran S.
Rock n Roll Resort was described to me as a “Docked Music Cruise” and in a sense that’s a perfect description. It’s like a dream come true in many ways – an indoor, inclusive, weather-proof festival – and draws a crowd of what I can best describe as MAJOR RAGERS. The resort is a perfect setting for a great experience, with room and meal packages, spa services, an awesome mainstage area, fun activities, unique vendors and music that keep you dancing all night long.
Kim M.
RRR is simply a truly top notch weekend getaway for the true music fan. It’s a party for professional partiers. It’s a weekend spent playing golf (mini or real) swimming, hitting the hot tub or getting a message in the comfort of a beautiful resort in the majestic Hudson Valley of New York. You get the chance off hanging with most of the artists all weekend long and can enjoy many collaborations on comfy couches in the main lobby pretty much all weekend long. Its a unique festival experience that only gets better each time!
Corey L.