Mr. Breakdown

Mr. Breakdown from Nyack, NY dropped The Purple Bag. Released in April 2014, the new EP embraces R&B influences while staying true to the band’s hard hitting, horn heavy funk sound. “This album is about letting go for us. Having an ‘I don’t give a funk’ attitude allowed us to get the takes we wanted,” says lead singer Mike Kemmlein.

Mike Kemmlein (guitar), Joe “Mamma” Carpentieri (drums), and Dave Reiss (bass) are the rhythm section, vocalists and songwriters of Mr. Breakdown. After over ten years of playing together in many incarnations, the childhood friends formed Mr. Breakdown in 2008.

The latest EP highlights a change in musical direction for Mr. Breakdown. While the band’s debut album Shake Daddy Jupiter showcased a wide array of influences, The Purple Bag focuses on the funk. The bass, drums and guitar link up in grittyharmony – the motor propelling this tight machine. The 1’s are heavy and unrelenting, the snare drum is cracking, and the vocals shine. Mike’s fun personality comes to life through his playful performances of soulful melodies. Matt Wayne’s creative horn arrangements and Yan Falmagne’s synth wizardry provide the icing on the cake. All the while, the soul and spontaneity captured in the studio bring the album to life.

Mr. Breakdown’s upbeat debut album Shake Daddy Jupiter, released in 2012, was recorded by Bob Both of Twain Recording (Production Supervisor for James Brown from ’69 to ’75).

“It takes me back to my James Brown days because this is a funky band. Coming from the James Brown ‘school of funk’ as I have, it wasreally nice to go back there again and see a bunch of younger guys picking up on the hipness of the old school funk. Taking it back to the old school and keeping it funky. And that’s Mr. Breakdown for sure.”  – Bob Both

Following the release of Shake Daddy Jupiter, Mr. Breakdown brought their high-energy dance party to clubs throughout the Northeast. They’ve played at Brooklyn Bowl and headlined at Mexicali Live. They’ve opened for George Porter Jr., Alan Evans Trio and worked with several R&B artists, including Jermaine Paul (2012 winner of NBC’s hit TV show ‘The Voice’). Breakdown also made their mark on the festival scene in 2013 with stellar sets at festivals including Equifunk and Rock N Roll Resort.

Mr. Breakdown is looking forward to hitting the road and spreading their contagious funk far and wide. With most of the tracks from the new EP being honed at recent shows, a few unheard gems will be a great treat upon opening The Purple Bag.