Digital $torm

Digital $torm was created in 2010 by a group of friends based out of the Northeast.Who became friends by going to music festivals and often found themselves searching the festival scene for that low end BASS. At first they didn’t think anything of it, but then started investing in some gear. They could still not find that late night party they were looking for, and found themselves constantly searching for that BASS.

After a year or two of trying to toss together the gear they had, they realized if they were going to make this happen on the scale that they were looking for, they needed a bit more power. Once the power they needed was taken care of, they figured that they would test out the new setup – in a high-traffic area at one of the original festivals they attended that just didn’t have the BASS sound they were looking for. It turns out that they were not the only people searching for that low-end BASS.

Armed with the new setup, power, and the volume they were looking for, they found themselves swamped with music fans. The fans showed their appreciation when they decided to bring the BASS element to the scene. On any given Friday or Saturday night at surrounding music festivals, you will find the masses of people looking for that SUB-SONIC BASS.

You can catch DIGITAL $TORM tearing up the late night festival scene by following the lights, listening for the massive bass sound, and looking for the rolling fog…as they have the most high-tech audio gear in the renegade music scene. They are DIGITAL $TORM!