Depth Quartet

There arose a want, or perhaps a need… that fate would instill in four seasoned musicians. While each had had many respective ‘successes’ in their careers, the need remained for something more. The need was for a playground… a place where they could each be the gifted child like musician, just as the day they were born, while being free to play with any musical idea. This con-centering force drew together Julee Avallone, Scott Murawski, Justin Kolack and Greg Vasso for what would end up being some of the most free and playful periods of their musical careers thus far.

So while one may want to try to ‘understand’ DQ by learning of the musician’s past ventures, or try to categorize DQ into labeled musical genres… what remains “to be gotten” of this band is their spontaneity and abandon of the rules. So, we hope you’ll come and… listen to sounds of the playground. It is unique. Thank You.