Danny Mayer & Mary Corso

Artists at Large

With Beau Sasser on tour with Kung Fu, we thought we’d grab a little bit of ‘Sass’ for v6.  Beau’s been a priceless part of several resorts and we’ll certainly miss his presence!  And on that note, we welcome Danny & Mary from Beau’s Escape Plan!

Danny “Soul Train” Mayer is a founding member of On The Spot Trio, is currently a full time member of Beau Sasser’s Escape Plan & guitarist for Alan Evans’ Playonbrother (2012-2015).

Mary Corso, lead vocalist for Beau Sasser’s Escape Plan & founding member of her own band Broca’s Area, is excited to be apart of this year’s Rock & Roll Resort as artist at large. Mary and Danny have recently worked together in a new project called Danny Mayer Trio featuring members of Turkuaz & Nth Power .