Daily Themes

Check out each night’s theme and let the costume hunt begin! Get ready to don your extravagant outfits for Rock n Roll Resort’s theme days. Below are the themes for The Dream Machine! Go wild and don’t forget to use your imagination!


FRIDAY: Decades of Decadence

Prepare for an evening of luxury and glamour as you take a trip in our time machine to a decadent decade of your choosing! Be a greaser from the 1950s, a flapper from the roaring ’20s, or an emperor from Ancient Rome!  …do you dare to travel further back in time?  All the way back… to the future? Time travel to any era and you’ll arrive in style!



SATURDAY: Superheroes vs. Villains

What’s your secret superpower?! Have you ever dreamt you could fly or wanted Superman’s power? Or have you ever wished that you could control the elements? Maybe you’ve secretly desired x-ray vision? For a Saturday evening of fantasy, fashion yourself as the alter-ego of your dreams! Dress as your favorite superhero or villain or get extra creative and make up your own caped crusader!

Pajama Party


SUNDAY: Pajama Party!

(you know the deal)  After a LONG weekend of RAGE, it’s nice to be able to kick back in your most comfy attire.  As a TRUE representation of something that you just can’t do at your average event, we love to kick back, relax and wear our relaxation gear.  Slippers & robes are strongly encourage, but birthday suites are also invited!  …just don’t forget, it is a family event…

As an added incentive, we’re giving away a Rock n Roll Resort T-Shirt & Event Poster to the most creative characters for each night’s theme!