For this installment of The Overlook Gallery we are bringing back artists Gregory McKenna, Rob Servo and Greg Dunn.  We are also proud to introduce NYC street artists City Kitty and BluDog as well as pin maker iGene Dulyn.

Super Collaboration Project

We are excited to bring back some of the Art Clinics/Projects/Activities we have done in the past, as well as add some new ones.

The Super Collaboration Project

The OG will be doing its 3rd rendition of this awesome masterpiece creator.  Once again Rob Servo will prepare an original surface to paint on made from the various woods that are harvested in the Finger Lakes Region of NY State. Each participating artist will follow simple guidelines such as color to use and spacial orientation, giving the work of art a common thread, even though the artists involved work in many different forms and facets of the art world.  This time around we will be working on two panels, in the diptych format.  We also look forward to including many more artists from the entire Rock n Roll Resort experience.

The Word Up Experiment

The Word-UP Experiment

This instant classic, illustrated by Greg Dunn, is back for its second round. From the last experience we had with this we found that folks who participated in suggesting terms to be drawn, thoroughly enjoyed the continued progress of this painting, throughout the weekend.  Got a word, Get it UP!

BluDog Stencil ClinicThe BluDog Stencil Clinic

NYC street artist BluDog has been in the art game for many years putting up works in the US and abroad.  Come create along side this prolific artist, an experience not to be missed.



Will be happening through out the weekend in the gallery as well as a heavy emphasis of getting projects on the move, to be experienced through out Rock n Roll Resort. It will be exciting to see how certain projects will progress while the Live Music is flowing all around, and will give folks a better sense of what we do in The Overlook Gallery, even if they never step foot inside.

The City Kitty Screen Printing Experience

City Kitty Silk Screen expThis is a new project for The OG.  Folks are encouraged to bring some blank clothing with them to this demonstration.  For just $5, you will be able to choose from the various screens we will have on hand, each one representing the works of a gallery artist. We will also have a very limited amount of blank t-shirts, available for an additional $10.  City Kitty will print your choice right in front of your eyes.  And after a small amount of drying time, you will be able to rock your new duds for an evening of great music.

The Great American Pin Off

The Great American pin off

Pinning is no doubt a large part of the scene of folks who frequent Rock n Roll Resort. This activity will be more like a meet and greet for folks to share, trade, and express how pinning has become a part of everything that we love about music. We will encourage folks to bring out pins they collect, ones they have made, ideas they may want to do and link them with folks who can make it happen. The Overlook Gallery made a pin for this next event, with a limited quantity available for purchase.

We will also have a very special guest, all star pin maker iGene Dulyn, on hand through out this participation.  Mr. Dulyn will have a variety of pin parts on hand, that he will make into new pins, per your request, for an honest sum of money.  He will also be handling the services of modifying your pins and doing repairs on pins you may have broken. If you want to experience pinning in a new light, iGene is the man for the job.

Folks will walk away from this next Overlook Gallery experience at Rock n Roll Resort, with a mind full of knowledge and a fresh need to create. We look forward to bring all these ideas to fruition.