v8 Additional Night Stays


Looking to add an additional night (or 2) to your stay?  If you've already purchased your room package, this add-on option will enable you to secure a pre or post night stay.

The Rockstar Extended Stay Add-On DOES INCLUDE additional meals for 2 people.  If you are not interested in the additional meals, you can also extend your Rockstar stay with a Standard Night Stay Add-on.

The Standard Package Extended Say DOES NOT include additional meals. If you currently have a Standard Room Package, you may choose the Rockstar Extended Upgrade if you would like to take advantage of the meal offerings.

Please Note: You will be extending your weekend stay in your current room.  If are extending a Standard Package, you WILL NOT be upgraded into a Rockstar Room for the 1 or 2 days that you might extend your stay.

*If you place this order after you've already purchased your room package, please reference your order number in the order form's comment section. We can more easily connect your two orders that way.