v8 Rockstar VIP Ticket Upgrade


The Rockstar VIP Upgrade includes: (Upgrade is per 1 person, not entire room)

  • VIP Laminate for special access to Artist/Rockstar VIP Lounge
  • 2 Dinner Meal Vouchers
  • 2 Brunch Meal Vouchers
  • 10 Sponsored Promotional Samplings (per guest) for use in the Artist/Rockstar VIP Lounge ONLY
  • Non-Alcoholic Beverages (available in Artist/Rockstar VIP Lounge ONLY)
  • Snacks (available in Artist/Rockstar VIP Lounge ONLY)
  • Daily Happy Hour Activities

If you're rolling deep with a group of friends and no one else wants to pull the Rockstar card, then this is a great alternate option.  Enjoy the perks of our Rockstar program (listed above) without committing your entire party to the upgrade.

**Please Note: This is only an upgrade option.  It does not include an event ticket or room package.  This upgrade can be used along with a 1-Day Ticket, Weekend Ticket, or an upgrade to an existing room package.

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