Frequently Asked Questions (Event Specific)

Wicked Cool Productions produces Rock n Roll Resort.  It all started on stage with Tenacious D. at Bonnaroo.  The thought was, “I bet Superfly was thinking about shows like this when they came up with their name. This show is certainly Superfly!   …but, if we were in New England, it’d be Wicked Cool.”  Without a second thought, the smartphone was pulled out, GoDaddy was called upon and Wicked Cool Productions was conceived.  It’s a New England thing…

All room package options come with 1 ticket per person. If you purchase a room package then it’ll come with 2 tickets. If you add-on a 3rd (or 4th-5th) roommate during your checkout process, that’ll also come with 1 additional ticket for each guest.

No, but anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a legal guardian who is responsible for the safety and actions while in their care. YOU MUST BE 21 YEARS OF AGE TO PURCHASE OR PARTAKE IN THE CONSUMPTION OF ALCOHOL. Photo I.D. required. You must have a credit card for incidentals or cash refundable deposit.

Yes, please BRING THE CHILDREN!!!Children under the age of 12 years are free! This is a family friendly event and we encourage families of all sizes, including the family pet(s). (see pet policy here)

We at Rock n Roll Resort love to see the kids enjoy the music, art, land and adventure. There is an awesome playground onsite at the resort, mini-golf, arcade, pool, basketball and tennis courts and plenty of room to romp for kids and families. We also have plenty of activities, suitable for the big kids and the little kids.

*We ask that you register your kids with us so that we can put your contact information on their wristbands.

Yes, you can purchase one here

The Single Night Package includes:

• 2 Tickets, Entertainment & Activities (excludes Disc-Golf & Golf)
• Available in 1 King or 2 Beds, and Balcony options

  Room Reservation for Friday Night (checkout on Saturday)
• Full Resort access from 12:00 pm on Friday until 1:00pm on Saturday.

Room Reservation for Saturday Night (checkout on Sunday)
• Full Resort access from 12:00 pm on Saturday until 1:00pm on Sunday.

(MAX Capacity is 5 Guests per room)

• Alcoholic & Non-Alcoholic Drinks are available at reasonable pricing

Guests are allowed 1 case of outside beer OR 1 bottle of liquor per room (outside food & beverage must stay in your rooms and will be confiscated if found in common areas.)

**Actual Room will vary based on occupancy & availability

Rock n Roll Resort takes place at Hudson Valley Resort & Spa (HVRS) in the gorgeous Catskill Mountains in New York State. Hudson Valley Resort & Spa is located at 400 Granite Road, Kerhonkson, NY 12446.

Do to the heavy volume of band requests that we receive to perform at Rock n Roll Resort, we DO NOT take website submissions from bands.

If you’re submitting a request for your band to perform at Rock n Roll Resort, please keep in mind that 75% of all support acts on the bill come from long established relationships. Rock n Roll Resort is a small and intimate event where friends, family and bands represent as one collective. Please be considerate and understand that you must be able to sell 5+ rooms packages to be considered. If you don’t feel 120% confident that you can make that happen, please consider following up with us when you feel more confident.

We would love for everyone to take part, so we encourage you to consider entering one of our artist competitions and/or purchasing entrance to secure your involvement.

If you feel confident that your band/solo act meets our stated requirements, we ask that you start a discussion on our facebook page, here:

After you make a posting request, kindly ask your facebook fanbase to comment on the post.  If you’re able to catch our attention, we’ll be sure to reach back out to grab your attention!

If you cannot follow our request and submit through our contact page, to a different department (as we do not have an “Artist Submissions” department listed), your email will be ignored.  Sorry 😕

  • 1.5 hrs from Albany
  • 2 hrs from NYC
  • 2.5 hrs from Hartford
  • 3.5 hrs from Syracuse, Boston & Philadelphia

We encourage our guests to carpool because parking spaces are limited.  Those hotel guests who carpool in groups of 3 or more will have FREE parking.  For those hotel guests who come with 1 or 2 guests in a car, there will be a $5 parking fee.

Day Ticket Holders & Weekend Pass Holders may park for $5/car/night and must leave the parking area after the last performance granted by your ticket type.

There are convenient parking spaces designated for ADA. To ensure these remain accessible, identification will be checked to ensure legitimate use. The person whom the ADA placard or plate is issued to must be present in the vehicle as a driver or a passenger.

*Please note that it is against the law to park in an accessible parking space without the required ADA credentials or to fraudulently use someone else’s in order to gain access to ADA parking spots.

The Resort Hotel is compliant with ADA. The music rooms and common areas are accessible and include accessible restrooms. ADA compliant hotel rooms are available upon request. 

The venue is fully navigable for people with mobility disabilities. There are accessible pathways connected throughout the venue including parking, entrances, stages, vendors and other activity areas. Guests with mobility disabilities are welcome to use motorized wheelchairs and three or four wheeled scooters and assume all responsibility for their operation.

Please See Event Parking Info

Please See “Is The Resort Pet Friendly”


In continually trying to make our festival more accessible we encourage you to contact us for any accessibility-related questions that you may have.

Additionally, if you have any questions about any of our policies or our services, we are here to help.

You can also contact Hudson Valley Resort and Spa (The Resort) at:  / 845.626.8888 for further information on their facilities.

Limited RV spaces are available by purchasing an RV Pass. The pass is for parking space only, as no hook up services are provided. A weekend pass must be purchased for each person for access to all of the activities throughout the weekend. Meal plan buy-ins are available.

YES!  HVRS requires a Credit Card at check-in for incidentals.  If a Credit Card is not available, you will be required to leave a $200.00 Cash deposit, which is refundable at check-out

Cats, dogs and other furry creatures under 20 lbs are admitted for an additional fee.  If you plan on bringing your pet, please contact our offices to prearrange for their stay.

If you bring your pet without prior approval from our offices, then it will be our discretion to send you to the closest animal shelter. If your animal is not safe around other animals or people, please leave them at home.

There is a $75 pet fee that’s imposed, for room cleaning. The fee covers the entire stay. Upon entrance, when you check in at our ticketing booth, your pet will need to receive their “RRR Pet-Pass”.

  • Pets MUST be well behaved & remained leashed while in all common areas.
  • We ask that pets ARE NOT brought into the main music areas, as to not hurt their sensitive ears.
  • For obvious reasons, pets are also not allowed in any dining areas (includings ROCKSTAR/VIP/ARTIST lounge)
  • We also ask that pets are KID FRIENDLY, friendly with other pets and 20lbs or smaller. We do realize that some are a little larger than that, so please check in with us if you have any questions.
  • If you and/or your pet are found without a Pet-Pass, you will be escorted to the service desk to register your animal and acquire one.

If you are a responsible pet owner and your pet is part of the “family pack”, pets are welcome to roam as the humans do!

You can purchase the “Pet-Pass” in the Add-Ons section of the shop, here.

Persons with disabilities and their service animals that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for those persons with disabilities are welcome at Rock n Roll Resort, as are those training service animals.

All service animals must remain by the handler’s side at all times and must be harnessed, leashed, or tethered, unless these devices interfere with the service animal’s work or the individual’s disability prevents using these devices. In that case, the individual must maintain control of the animal through voice, signal, or other effective controls.

Service animals must be housebroken and should use the service animal relief area. Anyone bringing an animal will be responsible for and liable for any damage or injury caused by the animal. Please contact us for further information.

**Hudson Valley Resort IS typically a pet friendly environment and there will be trace amounts of pet dander and hair throughout the establishment.

Volunteering is the best way to get started. All volunteers are tried and tested Team Northeast volunteers that have gone above and beyond their call of duty in the field. We’re also always looking for kind sponsors and partners to help grow Rock n Roll Resort!  Sponsors are always encouraged to apply, as working together is how Rock n Roll Resort has made it thus far.
Click here if you would like flyers mailed to your house.

First Aid:
We have medical personnel on site that can help assist you with basic medical needs or first aid.

Prescribed Medications:
Please Bring a Photo ID! Prescriptions must be in their original prescription packaging with a prescription label, matching your photo ID. Bring enough for your personal use throughout your stay with us, only; excessive amounts are not allowed.

Although most of the rooms at the resort do have micro-fridges, please contact us if you require refrigeration for your medical supplies.  We will place your ensure that your room reservation in a location with a micro-fridge.

ATM’s & Concessions:
ATM’s & Vendor Concessions are fully accessible and located throughout the venue. If assistance is required please confer with an event staff member.

Special Dietary Needs:
For those with special dietary needs who are interested in our meal program, please contact us
for further information.

When planning your trip to Rock n Roll Resort, you will want to bring the following items; Photo I.D., the credit card used to purchase your room, extra cash, your event ticket or proof of purchase, bathing suit, toiletries, love, respect, change of clothes, costumes, good vibes, family spirit and anything else that you may need to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Weapons, professional A/V recording equipment, alcohol unless you have purchased a Rockstar pass, pets (unless pre-approved by Rock n Roll Resort offices), illegal substances of any kind, distractions from your awesome adventure!

Yes, but they must arrive on site empty.  The water in this neck of the woods is VERY fresh and tasty!

Outside food and beverages are welcome, but must remain in your room. . Hudson Valley Resort & Spa will have very reasonable bar pricing and specials throughout the weekend.

Video recording of performances in their entirety is prohibited.  Audio recording, of select Artists, is only allowed behind the soundboard by authorized parties.  This ticket holder will be admitted with one audio recorder, microphones and mic stand. Patching into the soundboard is at the sole discretion of the performers and their respective audio engineers. AUDIO RECORDING IS FOR NON-COMMERCIAL HOME USE ONLY. UNAUTHORIZED SALE, DUPLICATION AND/OR DISTRIBUTION IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. ALL PERFORMANCES ARE PROPERTY OF THE PERFORMER(S) AND ALL RIGHTS ARE RESERVED.  VIOLATION OF THIS RULE SUBJECTS THE TICKET HOLDER TO EJECTION AND CONFISCATION OF RECORDED MATERIAL. If you are a professional interested in a media or photo pass, please contact our publicity department. » Contact Page «.

When Rock n Roll Resort SELLS OUT there will only be one option: find something near by! Well, we have done that work for you already. Check with us for RnRR affiliate hotels, shuttles and all inclusive packages!  Folks who have other off-site lodging arrangements, you will have almost the same privileges that any room package holder has, except for the ability to sleep on-site or visit friends’ rooms on-site; meaning, you can come and go as you please.  The only things you may not do are “crash out” on the premises and use of the pool is limited to guests of the hotel. The weekend pass is the way to go for this 2nd best scenario!

Yes, Please see the Rock n Roll Resort Concierge for assistance.

If there is a point at which you choose to slow down but not drop out… there will be activities throughout the days, themes to participate in, as well as an extensive landscape to walk and wander.

Yes, We are still coming up with ideas, so if you have any ideas and would like to contribute, please head over to our contact page. » Contact Page «

A Renegade Set is something very unplanned, very unscheduled, and very, very special!!! You’ll see…

Yes! Please not that all spa services must be prearranged and prepaid prior to the event.

For ALL Day Pass Holders, you will turn your ticket in for a wristband at the Rock n Roll Resort Day Trippers Entrance.
Your Specific Day Ticket will allow you to enjoy yourself at the resort during the following hours:
• Thursday from 4:00pm until 2:00am on Friday
• Friday from 11:00am until 2:00am on Saturday
• Saturday from 11:00am until 2:00am on Sunday
• Sunday from 11:00am until 2:00am on Monday
Do not worry, you will be able to catch all of the headlining acts in their entirety along with several of the perks that the event offers.
As an Event Day Pass Ticket holder, you only have access to the common areas and stages. You do not have access to the Guest rooms.
Please note: this Ticket does not include meals or lodging.

For ALL day pass holders there will be an entry time of 2 PM and a curfew for exit by 3am the next morning.  Please plan your travel arrangements accordingly, have a designated driver, and be safe!  You have a long window to rage and enjoy the event, so please make the most of it and respect those who have chosen other options. Please adhere to these time restrictions as no one wants to be ejected from the event. It does not look good on you as a super fan nor us as people who WANT you here!

Yes, if you are a day pass holder you may only enter “points of interest”. You may use all of the facilities but may not enter the hallways or elevators that do not lead to an activity, venue or “point of interest”. Meaning, you may not enter hallways or elevators that lead to rooms of guests, the pool, and certain other areas. You will also have to adhere to your morning exit time.

Rock n Roll Resort is positioned in a place of wonder as well as surrounded by great local points of interest. If this is your first time to the area and you plan on taking some local adventures beyond the resort, we can point you in the right direction. The stunning Shawangunk Mountains and Minnewaska State Park provide some of the backdrop for the Rock n Roll Resort.  Please see the Rock n Roll Resort Concierge for assistance.

7 miles away: Ellenville Regional Hospital, 10 Healthy Way, Ellenville, NY 12428  (845) 647-6400 ‎ ·

Please be sure to communicate allergy concerns with anyone who may need to know this information such as a food vendor or your Rock n Roll Resort Concierge.  If you have an allergies and are required to wear a medical bracelet, please make sure it is worn at all times.. Plan ahead and bring your medication!

Yes, Rock n Roll Resort is dedicated to making sure that anyone and everyone can enjoy the music together as a family! This facility is wheelchair accessible. Please call our office before purchasing your room, so that we can make sure your are receiving the proper accommodating room.

If you have lost your hard ticket, please Contact Us. We cannot guarantee a replacement, but there may be something we can do. We can not make any promises, but we also suffer from F.O.M.O. on your behalf.

Unfortunately, name and address changes, refunds or exchanges are unable to be made after purchasing access to the event. PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE ACCESS TO THIS EVENT FROM ANYONE EXCEPT FOR A VALID TICKETING AGENT!

This is expected to be a SOLD OUT event. Be sure to get your room packages in advance. If there are tickets available at the door, you can check for updates. We will also be releasing updates via email and Facebook. Weekend passes and day passes will most likely be available at the door, but we recommend purchasing them early to secure your tickets and to take advantage of the pre-event pricing.

If for any reason your wristband falls off, breaks or is lost, we can not replace it. This wristband is your sole responsibility during the event. If WE deem it to be a faulty wristband WE will make a decision as WE see fit.

You may put in a request for a room change to be closer to your friends and we will do our best to accommodate. You may upgrade but not downgrade your package. Name and address changes, refunds or exchanges are unable to be made after purchasing access to the event. If you are unable to come for any reason, we can not be held accountable in any way for anyone’s misfortunes. Although, we will miss you and hope for your best!

If you have a hard copy ticket(s), you can feel free to extend that ticket to any friends that you would like.

If you have your ticket(s) waiting at Will Call, a photo I.D. with your name is required to redeem any purchase.  Ticket purchases are non-refundable.

While that is a most kind gesture, name and address changes, full refunds or exchanges are unable to be made after purchasing access to the event. A photo I.D. with your name is required to redeem any purchase.

When you arrive at Rock n Roll Resort, we suggest you park your car in a designate parking spot and come inside to check in. If you hold a general or VIP ticket please enter through the main entrance.  If you hold a Rockstar Pass please enter through the “Bentley’s Lounge” entrance.  Once you are checked in and get your room key & wristband, we suggest you get your luggage from your car and move in for your journey with us. This allows for the big lobby hello’s and lines at the front desk to be more organized and move more quickly.  Please note:  If you leave your car in the circle by the main entrance of the hotel, it can be towed at the owners expense.  We need to keep this area clear for Emergency Vehicles.

Yes, if you are a room package holder you may come and go as you please. If you are a day pass holder you may re-enter the event but still you must remain in the areas of interest as there will be a curfew to adhere.

Yes, please enjoy but also please respect your neighbor and PLEASE DO NOT THROW GLOW STICKS AT ARTISTS OR AT EACH OTHER.

Yes, the light shows are extensive. There will also be projection and lasers. If anyone has any previously adverse experiences with strobe lights or lasers please be warned.
WARNING: Strobe lights and Lasers are used during these performances.

Yes. Upon check-in to the event, you will be provided additional information, as well as as your room number.
You can reach The Rock n Roll Resort office line at (413)734.9496
The Hudson Valley Resort & Spa front desk: (845)626.8888

Any questions can be answered by these parties.

Our refund policy varies per item, but we do have one in place.  Please see our Terms & Conditions page for the different refund options that are available.

If there is any information not covered in this FAQ, please feel free to contact us via our contact page.  We’ll get back with you as soon as we can!

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