Michael Greenberg added to the artist roster!

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A friend to most musicians already on the bill, Michael will be contributing some solo performances, as well as sitting in with friends throughout the weekend.

Michael Greenberg

“He’s acoustic pop, a dash of rock, a breath of folk, a splash of funk, but it s his skilled guitar work and engaging lyrics that caught our attention” – Utica Observer Dispatch

“Greenberg’s greatest talent is in writing these energetic choruses. If well-written songs are supposed to be like a journey, then Greenberg must have the map somewhere.” – Northeast Performer

“Greenberg is a songwriter with serious momentum” – Berklee Groove

Hailing from Connecticut, one could easily assume that Michael Greenberg is entrenched in the New York Jazz scene, or the New Orleans blues – his album is an eclectic mix of rock, pop, blues, jazz, and even some hip hop, but rather than being a mish-mash of noise, the entire album seems to magically flow together in tone and content and can be used as simply background music at your nextparty, listened to with earbuds in a quiet corner alone, or cranked full blast and danced to. – Raised on Indie Magazine