Daily Themes


This year’s Enchantment Under the Sea Spring Fling will be taking place in Outer Space!!! We’ve got cosmic mermaids, martians, interstellar starfish, deep sea diving astronauts. Soak in those celestial tropical vibes! Your spaceship may have broken down and washed ashore on a deserted island inhabited by mythical outer space sea creatures, but don’t be scared, these aliens are down to get lei’d!!! So enjoy this relaxing “day at the beach” in an alternate galaxy! Everything’s better under the sea!!!!

The Royal Rager!

It’s a jubilee marked by much baffoonery! A not-so-forbidden extravaganza with a delicious musical menu choc full of razzle horns, crooked crowns, and it’s trembling on the brink of burlesque! Kings, Queens, Jesters, Knights, Princes and Princesses are all invited, so gather your gaggles and get ready to shake your motley! It’s a celebratory feast to toast to the beginning of this year’s festival season! “So come on folks forget your shyness, because you can soon be called ‘Your Highness!'”

Pajama Party!

Sometimes, you just can’t break tradition!  To add a new twist on our longest running theme, we’re having a Beach Pajama Day!  And what does that mean exactly?  Well, show us what you have in mind and we’ll take it from there!