Daily Themes Announced!

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Check out each night’s theme and let the costume hunt begin! Get ready to don your extravagant outfits for Rock n Roll Resort’s theme days. Below are the themes for this upcoming Tiny Rager. Go wild and don’t forget to use your imagination!

FRIDAY’s “Rager’s Ball”
Don your best attire for this one! Ladies… it’s time to bust out those ball gowns and take those prom dresses out of retirement! Gentlemen… dust off those jackets and grab your favorite ties! This will certainly be an evening to remember and it’ll be a wonderful start to a beautiful weekend. And don’t forget those boas and afros!


SATURDAY’s “Intergalactic Space Carnival”
Carnies beware! The freakish folks at Rock n Roll Resort will be decked out in such degrees that even the aliens will have to take a second look! Aliens, bearded ladies, muscle men and ring masters, prep yourselves for the galaxies most extravagant intergalactic engagement!

SUNDAY MORNING “Pajama Brunch” Party
It’s not at every event that you can wear your slippers and footy pajamas, so as one of our favorite themes running, get ready for Sunday’s pajama party! We’ll be serving brunch from noon-4pm in the Empire Lounge and it’s strongly encouraged that you come straight down after rolling out of bed. No need to get dolled up for this engagement, especially when everyone’s doing it! Featured brunch music will be performed by The Kind Buds, The Ryan Hommel Trio, and we’ll have a few special acoustic musicians performing as well.

SUNDAY EVENING “Black, White & Rainbow” Party
And for all of those raging on ’til Monday, after you wrap up your brunch and get freshened up, it’s Mime Time! We know that everyone has a favorite color and today is the time to let your inner color shine! We’re looking to see who can pull off an entire outfit made from the same color. Maybe you’re an all white kinda guy, maybe you’re an all black kinda gal… and maybe you’re more of a Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet kinda Rager. No matter which color you choose, we can’t wait to see all the colors that y’all can whip together for this one!

As an added incentive, we’re giving away a Rock n Roll Resort T-Shirt & Event Poster to the most creative characters for each night’s theme!

Ready, Set, RAGE!


…and don’t forget about the activities lineup!

We put a lot of effort into scheduling the activities around the Tiny Rager’s music schedule. The music doesn’t start until 1pm on Saturday afternoon and noon on Sunday. We’re collaborating with Magic Hat to bring the activity participants some REALLY cool Rock n Roll Resort and Magic Hat swag. We’ve received a lot of great feedback from all of you and the artists and we have a feeling that these year’s activities are going to be the best yet! Don’t miss out on our ‘first annuals’, because we can foresee these next few activities becoming staples at Rock n Roll Resort.


Golf Tournament ($45 entry fee):

* early sign-up is recommended to ensure that we have your commemorative activities shirt available in your size

Magnificent Mini-Golf Tournament:

Celebrity Knock-out Texas Hold ’em Poker Tournament:
(All proceeds to benefit local charities. Suggested buy in is $20)

* early sign-up is recommended to ensure that we have your commemorative activities shirt available in your size

For more information about these and other activities during Rock n Roll Resort check out our activity page at: https://rocknrollresort.com/activities


We want to remind everyone that tickets and room package pricing will be moving to the next tier on March 29th. Collect up your roommates to reserve your room to take advantage of the current pricing tier. www.rocknrollresort.com/shop