Know the Benefits and Purposes Field Trip or Educational Tour in the Growth

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    Field trips are out of school activities for a day or more. The main purpose of holding this activity is actually to avoid the students from the boredom of learning in the classroom and invite students to refreshing for a moment from school activities.

    Field trips are not just fun, but also want to provide fun lessons and experiences. Why do schools need field trips? Because human memory, especially those who are still in school, based on what they see and see directly, not based on what they hear only.

    It is expected that with field trips, students are able to remember and record all events during the field trip, then linked to school lessons.

    Many questions arise, whether kindergarten and elementary school also need field trip? Field trips are held for all levels of school, ranging from kindergarten, elementary, junior high and high school. What is learned by kindergarten children will be different from what is learned by elementary school children when doing field trip. So also with junior and senior high school level. Each age has its own purpose.

    The child’s brain growth stage is at the age of 2-6 years. When a child enters the age of 3 years in which he or she is able to hold the pencil correctly, his memory will be stronger in remembering the things experienced. He will also understand the function of the objects around him. For example pencil function to write, paper function as base of writing, etc.

    That’s when the child needs field trips. Because the lessons learned at school are just reading, writing and counting, the goal of a filed trip is to experience life. The experience will introduce the child to the outside world.

    For example kindergarten children brought filed trip to the zoo. They will feel good when they meet new things, can see animals that have never been found, how the animals live, etc. Indeed they have not learned about animals, but with the field trip they have a fun learning experience that is difficult to forget.

    In addition, kindergarten children can also be invited field trips to the park bee tours. Why bee? Because bees are known as insects that can sting a human. Children are easily afraid of bees. In this tourist spot, adrenaline is tested so children can face challenges.

    Taman Wisata Lebah Hau Pramuka, located in Cibubur, a complex with the scout camp area of ​​East Jakarta is in addition to selling honey from various types of flowers also serve a visit (bee tourism) to the Park Bees Honey Scout. Where the visitors can find out how the life of honey bees and what is produced by the honey bee.

    The visitors can get knowledge from the life of the honey bee colony that we deserve especially the example of social life. You can interact directly on the field with these friendly bees. koora Learners will be introduced via the media projector, various types of bees and habits. Then interact directly in the field with bees, photos together, drinking water honey and harvest honey.

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